Samuel Stevenson & Son

Chartered Architects



Board of Governors Strathearn School


Location: Belfast

This scheme involved the major redevelopment of the existing school site. Appointed Architects following competitive interview our proposals replaced existing buildings with new buildings on the existing footprint in a phased development. Careful planning was required to ensure the School remained operational. 

The development provides teaching accommodation and sports facilities for 770 pupils. The new buildings are designed to maximise the benefits and opportunities of the site and the southerly orientation overlooking the lawn. 

A stepped section adopted in the design minimises the adjustment of existing site levels and allows the new school to follow the natural contours of the site without dominating it.

Strathearn Main Elevation Elevation
Strathearn Main Elevation Elevation
Strathearn Main Elevation Elevation
Strathearn Hall
Strathearn 2
Stratheran 1
Strathearn 3
Strathearn 4
Strathearn 5
Strathearn 6
Strathearn 7
Strathearn 8
Strathearn 10
Strathearn 11
Strathearn 12